How To Have a Normal Vaginal Birth


baby-loading-tshirtEat Well During Pregnancy (See the post: Pregnancy Diet or Teen Pregnancy & Nutrition)

Exercise Regularly During Pregnancy (See up-coming post: Exercise during pregnancy)

Seek out the company of Other Women:

• A woman in labor needs other women or a woman to give support
• This was the old traditional way with Lakota women, as well as many other cultures!
• We learn about giving birth and about breastfeeding when in the company of other women.

Stay Home During Early Labor:

  • Early labor is not “true” labor.
  • It is what assists the thinning of the cervix in preparation for labor
  • Often it starts and stops
  • This is when you should rest
  • Your body is getting you ready for birth
  • Look at the length of the contraction itself, not the distance between each one. This will be your true indicator.
  • When you sense the early signs of excitement and nervousness, you are not ready
  • When you are concentrating and seriously working with your contractions is the second sign, but you are still not ready.
  • It is when you have been in the emotional space of the last sign, and feel aggravated when made to move…now you are getting into “real” labor.



  • Think comfort: Use pillows to cradle your body when resting
  • Dr. Odent states that the warm baths assists in the highest level of relaxation
  • Use soft music
  • Lower the lighting in the room
  • Walk, Rock or Sway, Dance, Squat, kneel and rock (especially for back labor)
  • There is no need to RUSH to the hospital!Final Stage / Delivery

    • Upright positioning is best for delivery of a baby. It uses gravity to assist the baby in birth.
    • If you cannot do an upright position, see if you can use a squat or kneeling position (have someone assist you)
    • Trust your body
    • See POSTS for pain management if you need to.



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