Malus spp.



Eaten for certain types of constipation, a sour apple is used as a diuretic in cystitis and other urinary infections.  Used as a poultice for skin inflammations.  Packed with vitamins A, B1, C and minerals.


Traditional use of stewed fruit is for diarrhea and dysentery, also soothing for gastric ulceration and ulcerative colitis.


Used as an infusion for Rheumatism and gout; also for urinary disorders.


Suggested use:

4 oz serving of applesauce (chose organic)
Baked (at 350 degrees with raw area where cored, is in shallow pan of water)
Apple Crisp or pie (these are loaded with sugar, so make the servings small)

*Caution: apples are cooling, and too many apples eaten in a day can cause digestive upsets & gas.

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