SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


No one knows for sure what the actual causes are for SIDS.  Although, statistically, SIDS does occur more often when parents do drugs (even certain prescribed drugs), or alcohol while the mother is pregnant.

If you do not fit the category of drug using , then the puzzle is even harder.  The most important thing to do is not take drugs or drink (including smoking marijuana), ask questions about prescribed drugs and consequences to the unborn fetus.  Make sure you eat well, drink lots of water, and do moderate exercise during your pregnancy.


Many people feel isolated after the death of a baby or infant. People tend to think that you should “get over” the loss quickly.  This is especially true in the Lakota culture where the belief is the soul moves on after four days.

It may be difficult for you to grapple with your emotions, and especially anger or fear. The latter due to not understanding that there was not much you could have done to prevent SIDS.


If you have lost your baby due to SIDS, an autopsy may be required by law.  Or you may be encouraged to give permission for an autopsy. Unfortunately, with SIDS you may not get any answers to the causes of death nor on how to prevent SIDS in the future.


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