About Me

rosebud.cbe@gmail.com       http://hoksiyuhaboti.com        Twitter: @rosebudcbe


What I Offer:

A safe environment in which to verbalize your fears and your experiences in childbirth. I will be teaching information in order to assist you in having a healthy pregnancy, and safe childbirth.  Assistance will be given to advocate for your needs and wants in childbirth, and help in the writing of a “Birth Plan”.

I may also be hired to assist you during labor and negotiating with your medical providers. I am currently in training as a Doula through Birth Arts International.

Knowledge always equals power.

My childbirth education class is based upon current information regarding natural childbirth.  Topics covered are: nutrition, exercise, tests taken at your prenatal visits,
the “cascade of interventions”, C-sections, non-interfered with labor practices/with information on alternatives for pain management and relief.  Intuitive work through labor.  I do not teach a method, such as the Bradley method of birth.

For those clients who are Lakota, I will do what I can to integrate what elders chose to share with me about childbearing and childbirth in the Lakota tradition either by short quotes from my sources (whom I will not be naming), having speakers attend, or written sources. If the Lakota tradition is discussed by me, whenever possible, references will be made from books with information on childbearing or childbirth in which you can refer.

An example of my doing this very thing is with my herbal tea handouts, where I have addressed what is common in both the indigenous practice and the “western way” in childbearing and childbirth practice, but referencing to books (not people). For example, the herbal teas recommended for pregnancy has a reference list from multiple cultures: American, European, Chinese and Native American herbs.

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Currently training to become certified as a Doula through Birth Arts International

October 2015     Childbirth Education from Birth Arts International

Cranial-Sacral level I and Myofascial Release level I    Completed in 2009, 2010 respectively.

Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma    American College of Healthcare Sciences Completed in 2006

Energy Healer Certificate 2004  Reiki Blessings Academy
Reiki Master / Teacher Reiki Blessings Academy Completed in 2003
Reflexology  Reiki Blessing Academy  Completed 2003

Certified Hypnotherapist / and Spirit Releasement Training HCH Institute Completed in 1986


2012   Sinte Gleska University  Adjunct Instructor   Design I and Color Theory.

May 2006 to December 2013    W.I.T.C.C.    Adjunct Instructor
Sioux City, Iowa      Humanities 101; Art: Painting, Drawing, & Art Appreciation

September 2004 to October 2005    American College of Healthcare Sciences    Adjunct Instructor.   Portland, Oregon (online instructor)    Homeopathy and Holistic Health Consulting

November 2004-January 2007    Spirit of the Rose    Instructor/Consultant
Vermillion, South Dakota
-LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist until 2010), Life and Health Coach, Instructor: Reiki and Alternative Healing.

Sept. 2005-Oct. 2006 Australasian College of Healthcare Sciences    Adjunct Instructor
Portland, Oregon
-Homeopathy, Holistic Health Consulting


December 2003    Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies    University of South Dakota
Studies: Gallery Management / Studio: Painting

August 1999    Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies    Sinte Gleska University
Studies: Lakota History and Culture / Business Management Minor


T’ai Chi (trained at ACMAF), gardening, sewing


Currently, all expenses come out of my pocket.  I am not rich by any means! This work is born out of the heart, with a high salute to my mentors! If you desire to donate to the cause, let me know.  ANY donations will be appreciated!

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