Apium graveolens



The main use of the seed of celery is for a diuretic. It is helpful with gout and arthritis.  It is just slightly bitter, so it can also be used as a digestive stimulant. Seeds are harvested the second year after flowering.


The root is an effective diuretic, and taken for urinary stones and gravel. Also it is a bitter digestive, liver stimulant. Rarely used today.


In a lesser degree the stalk shares the medicinal properties of the other parts. The stalk is a stimulant for milk flow in the breasts after childbirth. Wild celery is best for this purpose, but the common grocery store variety can be used as well.



Seeds: Infusion
Essential oil: Must be used in a carrier oil, then massaged topically for arthritis and gout
Root: Chopped and tinctured. It is used as a diuretic for hypertension and urinary problems, as a part of an arthritis remedy, or to use for kidney stimulant and cleanser.
The whole plant: Juice is used for joint and urinary tract inflammation, and nervous exhaustion.

CAUTIONS: The essence oil, and seeds should be avoided during pregnancy because these are a uterine stimulant. Seeds should be cultivated directly from the plant, not the commercial variety (as they are treated with a fungicide). Do not apply the essential oil before going out into the light as these create a great photosensitivity.

The stalks can be sliced or diced into soups, with meats such as tuna, into salads, or eaten raw by itself.